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Are you looking for new customers?

Buyers are naturally cautious, especially when dealing with a new supplier. We all share a fear of making the wrong buying decision and as a result, we look for reassurance that we are doing the right thing.

Your current customers are the best people to attract new customers. Using a video testimonial means that the customer is talking to the prospect customer face to face on their level.

We go to see your customers and film their piece to camera which we can help you prepare, we then stream their confidence in you direct to your website, all for a cost-effective price.

Grab their attention quickly

In less time than it takes to read this headline, a visitor to your website could have logged off and gone elsewhere. But it needn’t be that way, providing you give them something to see that has value.

Video Introductions quickly capture your visitors' attention and establish your credibility. A client detailing how you succeeded in delivering on your promise is an influential factor for new customers. They are then far more likely to follow up their interest.

A recent worldwide survey by Nielson reported that 78% of consumers find word of mouth the most effective form of advertising. 61% trust "consumer opinions posted online", proving that word of mouth truly has transferred its major impact to the web.

Video Introductions start from only £100 per filmed session. Normally we can record 4 people in one sitting so if you arrange your customers in one place that is only £25 per person. Why not enhance your company's reputation and make a personal connection with prospects?

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